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Passionate Winemakers

This is the best way to describe the enthusiasm and spirit that animates us in exercising our profession. Here between Poiano and Quinto that our family, guests of a territory made up of hills and vineyards, cultivates a great passion for viticulture.

Corte Figaretto is a family-run farm in the heart of Valpantena, a valley located north of Verona. In addition to the essentially Mediterranean climate, characterized by low rainfall, especially in summer, the evening breezes from the Lessini Mountains.

These mitigate the daytime heat, guarantee a wide temperature range between day and night, thus allowing the grapes to reach maturity rich in polyphenolic substances and anthocyanins, which give our wines an unmistakable personality.

Wine Is Made In The Vineyard

Wine is made in the vineyard. We are firmly convinced of this. Each wine is an expression of the territory and the vineyard from which it comes. Each vineyard is carefully followed in the production of its fruit.

For this reason, during the vegetative phase, shoots and clusters are selected with manual operations in order to seek the best balance between vegetative and productive activity.

The Harvest

The days of harvest are decided after a series of analyzes, in order to ascertain the progress of grape ripeness (sugars, acidity, polyphenols) but above all on the basis of the experience acquired in the area. The harvest takes place strictly by hand.

The grapes are harvested for each vineyard, in small crates and taken to the loft to rest for a few weeks (the period may vary according to the variety). In order to keep the varietal individuality distinct, the cellar is equipped with small, vineyard-sized tanks.

The Silence Of The Cellar

The cellar is where our wines are born and rest, where aromas and perfumes are defined. The vaulted ceilings hidden in the depths of the earth conceal oak barrels and precious barriques, in a particular atmosphere capable of creating the ideal habitat where the character of each wine matures to its maximum perfection.

The cellar is a meeting place between ancient tradition and modern technology. Respect for traditions combined with modern processing techniques, dedication and use of fine grapes allow us to obtain the best quality, enclosed in unique and precious wines.